Why Us?

We help organizations:

  • Prepare their leaders for change and future disruption
  • Ensure they have successors lined up for critical roles

  • Hire and promote the right leaders to deliver their strategic objectives

  • Identify, engage and retain high potential talent 

  • Select and develop leaders in the context of M&A activity

We bring a distinctive approach to our work that is informed by our experience assessing and developing thousands of leaders around the world. 

So, what does this mean for you?


A Trusted Partner

Experience tells us that introducing assessment into an organization can be politically sensitive.  To do this work with us, we appreciate that you need to trust us.

It’s why we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your organization, its unique context and challenges.

It’s why our team are both business consultants and psychologists who have deep experience in this line of work.

It’s why we involve senior leaders in planning and designing the assessment solution.  

It’s why we strive to form a human connection with each and every person we assess and work to facilitate understanding, insight and development - not simply to ‘test’ people or ‘assess’ them.



Industry-Leading Precision

At senior levels, success is about fit – how well the individual's style and capability align with the role requirements and organizational culture.

Many organizations come to us after off-the-shelf assessment methods have failed to deliver on their promise. The reason is that generic assessments simply don’t capture the nuances of success at this level.  

To enable you to make confident decisions about your top talent, our approach is fully customized to your leadership requirements.  We combine multiple methods - feedback, external benchmarking, self report, direct observation - to provide an in-depth, holistic view of the individual. We measure performance, future potential, derailment risk and readiness, providing you with industry-leading precision in evaluating the fit for future success.




Assessment Leaders Welcome

Individuals don't like being assessed.  They particularly dislike being processed through online tests or reduced to a profile of scores.

Which is why we go to lengths to deliver an experience that is as human, engaging and insightful for the individual as it is valuable to the organization.

When followed with thoughtful, incisive feedback, it turns, what can sometimes be a dull or challenging process, into a welcomed developmental experience.




Rise above the politics of hiring and promotion



The input from ORTalent gave us confidence in making the right decision. It helped turn a potentially negative selection process into a positive learning event – and removed any hint of politics” 

 - Managing Director, European Engineering Consultancy