How We Work

40% of internally promoted leaders fail within 18 months. The figure rises to 50% for external hires.

We enable you to see how the person will perform in the role before you appoint them.

Phase 1


What does “good” leadership look like to you?

In our experience, each of your leaders will have their own - often strong - opinions on the qualities and capabilities that are the most critical when it comes to hiring and promoting leadership talent. These are not always consistent.

And what really matters in your organization will likely be distinct from what matters to your competitors.

We begin by working with you to develop a consensus view of what “good” looks like. To do this, we engage your senior leaders in defining:

  • The challenges and opportunities you face now, and how the strategic landscape will likely change.

  • The personal qualities, competencies and critical experiences that your leaders will require to be successful now, and in the future.

  • Those qualities that are linked to fit and potential derailment risk in your organization.

The output is a detailed success profile designed by your leaders. This provides the blueprint for assessment and the foundation for objective decisions around leadership selection and development.




phase 2


Designed by your leaders, for your leaders.

Our day-in-the-life simulations are built around our your future challenges and ‘leadership crucibles’ -  those high stakes, make or break situations that are the true differentiators of good versus great leaders in your organization.

The experience typically involves a combination of live meetings, group activities, presentations, video work and strategic analysis enabling us to see the full range of participants’ capabilities.

We engage your leaders and subject matter experts in informing the design of the assessment.

Then we leverage our partners - business analysts, financial analysts, strategy consultants and IT experts - to create a high fidelity, future-focused leadership simulation built around your leadership requirements


“My assessor was extraordinary and made the entire experience meaningful and challenging. They were insightful, committed to my development and tailored the process so I could get the most out of the program.”

- Former leadership assessment participant, US Logistics business.


“I can only say positive things about O.R. Talent. The report and feedback was very professional and very well communicated. The assessment was overall a great experience - a challenge, but definitely an opportunity to learn and grow"

- Former leadership assessment participant, European Bank.


phase 3


A positive experience for individuals and the organization

We appreciate that you are trusting us to work with your most valuable talent. For this reason, we strive to create a positive, human and developmental experience for participants from start to finish.

We go to lengths to create an assessment experience that is immersive, thought provoking, stretching and where individuals have the opportunity to showcase the full range of their capabilities.

We commonly partner with internal leaders from the organization as co-assessors. We train them in aspects of the assessment process and work together to form a joint view of participants’ strengths and development opportunities. This creates a high level of credibility, a greater level of ownership and sharpens internal capability in identifying top talent.

Based on the thousands of leaders we have assessed, we provide an in-depth profile of an individual's past experience, current capability, future potential, derailment risk and fit to the role or organization.

Participants value the experience. Organizations value the rigor and precision of our input.


Phase 4


Any assessment is only as good as what follows

For the individual, we provide in-depth, honest and constructive feedback on their effectiveness.  We engage their line manager to support them in creating an actionable roadmap that will fast-track their development and prepare them for the next step in their career.

Beyond the assessment, we have developed a suite of tools that enable you to leverage the findings to bring strategic insight and focus to leadership development, talent management, selection and succession planning.




Assessment designed by your leaders, for your leaders