Case Studies

US Logistics Organization

One of the largest logistics organizations in the US was faced with a pressing challenge: a need to re-align itself with the evolving needs of its customers and dramatic shifts in its core market. 

In addition, a high percentage of their current leaders were eligible to retire in the next few years. Not only did they need those who could sustain the organization, they needed leaders who could transform it - and they needed it fast.

  • We worked with senior leadership to identify the strategic headwinds they faced and the leadership capabilities they needed.
  • We designed a leadership simulation set 5 years in the future. To date, we have assessed over 80 leaders.  
  • We used the findings to develop a tool to profile the leadership potential of a further 1,500 mid-level leaders. The results were used to inform succession planning and development.

The results:

The right leaders promoted into critical roles, objective data to inform succession planning, targeted plans to fast-track individual development and prepare leaders for next-level positions.



European Bank

Our client is one of the leading banks in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Faced not only with disruptive change and tightening regulation, the bank wanted to ensure it was identifying and developing the right leaders for the challenges ahead.
  • The leadership team wanted to benchmark the bank’s talent pool with other world class organizations and ensure it contained the “best of the best”. 
  • We engaged a team of senior managers and trained them to work alongside our team as co-assessors. This added credibility to the simulation and increased the organization's ownership of the findings.
  • We worked with leaders at 3 levels - from emerging talent through to current executives.


A world-class talent pool to draw on when filling key positions, the ability to make objective decisions about critical talent, assessment that is owned and embedded in the organization, targeted investment in developing high potential leaders.


International Communications Business

A long-established leading provider of TV, data and mobile communications in the Caribbean and Latin America approached us soon after merging with an entrepreneurial competitor.

The merger offered the promise of expanding their footprint, upgrading their technology and assimilating their opposite number’s dynamism, agility and customer-focused culture.

  • Mindful of the high failure rate of M&A’s and the challenge of bringing together two contrasting cultures, the CEO and VP of HR engaged ORTalent to define the new leadership culture and identify the right leaders for the merged organization. 

  • Given the pace of the integration, we knew we had to move fast. Our team of 12 assessed 125 people in 4 countries in 3 weeks. 

  • The results were used to deploy the right leaders in the right roles and to inform the design of a development program to bring the new organizational culture to life.



A year later, the merged business was acquired by a leading industry player – testament to the executive team’s thoughtful integration of not only its systems, but also its leaders.


“They have been a good thought partner as we work towards identifying and growing our future leaders.”

- Senior Manager, European Bank


Meet tomorrow’s challenges with a team that’s prepared to lead.